Support for Economists using LaTeX and BibTeX

The economtex project aims at supporting economists who use LaTeX and/or BibTeX. Currently, this is done in two ways:

1. LaTeX Classes and BibTeX Styles

The economtex project provides LaTeX classes/styles and BibTeX styles for manuscripts to be submitted to economics journals. A list of supported journals is given below. The files can be downloaded from the project's download page at or from the subdirectory "/biblio/bibtex/contrib/economic/" of a CTAN mirror.

2. Sharing Information

The economtex project provides a Wiki for economists to share information on using LaTeX in their profession. Currently, information on how to prepare manuscripts for submission to several economics journals and some helpful weblinks are available.



List of LaTeX classes and BibTeX styles provided by the economtex project

The economtex project currently provides LaTeX classes/styles and/or BibTeX styles for following journals:



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Last Update: 8 January 2009